Natural Cleansers for Rosacea

Eliminate rosacea and its unsightly redness

Natural Cleansers for Rosacea

What are the triggers of rosacea, and methods of treatment, natural remedies and recipes with essential oils to decrease?

This chronic condition, progressive unfortunately, affects persons of 20 to 70 years with a more pronounced weakness for people between 30 and 50 years with a clear complexion. It affects at present 10% of the Canadian population, and 4 million French, with 8 out of 10 people involved!

When and how is rosacea?

This redness occurs when blood vessels in the face dilate and fill with blood. The shadow disappears when the blood vessels return to their normal size. Rosacea occurs then by small red bumps, redness on the face, cheeks, nose and chin.

Rosacea in women and men

If rosacea is found more often among the female population, in men it is an inflammatory form: rhinophyma. It is realized by a nose purplish red, bumpy and swollen, often the result of untreated rosacea.

The evolutionary stages of rosacea

Apart from the example cited above inflammation, rosacea can evolve in different ways:

Rash may worsen and become very dry skin;

The appearance of red bumps (papules) or pus simple (pustules) on the face;

Ocular rosacea, the eyes are irritated, burning, and eyelids red and swollen.

Without treatment, rosacea rarely disappears and only tends to worsen over time. In most cases, it is cyclic are regular outbreaks of rosacea, followed by weeks or months of no redness.

The acne rosacea adult

It should not be confused with acne as teenagers. In adults, there is a lack of blackheads and whiteheads, but the presence of small red pimples.

Why was one of rosacea?

Factors are reduced further assumptions, the causes could be:

The presence of bacteria or fungi;

Dysfunction of the tissue;

Strong emotions;

What causes outbreaks of rosacea?

When you are suffering from rosacea, it is necessary to avoid the triggers that increase blood flow to the skin:

Exposure to sunlight and UV ultraviolet rays can damage the skin and leave permanently dilated vessels;

Hot baths;

Hot drinks, alcohol;

Spicy foods;

Physical exertion;

Emotional stress;

Naturally reduce rosacea

Although medical treatment is sometimes necessary, it is important for people with rosacea, identify substances and situations leading to outbreaks. Once identified these triggers, they will be able to avoid them.

Facials in case of rosacea

It is generally advisable to use mild soaps and facial moisturizers, and cosmetics designed for sensitive skin. Products that contain alcohol, perfumes or other irritating ingredients can aggravate rosacea.

Protect your face with sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more can help minimize the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Opaque creams or foundations “camouflage” exist. They are often based green pigment, thus covering the skin and alleviate redness.

Good to know more rosacea is treated early, treatment is more effective, controlled and rosacea.

Essential oils effective against rosacea

Attention, the use of essential oils (EO) is not trivial, it is strongly recommended to test the risk of allergic reactions and skin starting treatment with one drop of essential oil.

Guy Ro advises HE mugwort tree, chamomile, cistus, geranium, helichrysum, lavender tincture of benzoin. It is best to seek advice from a therapist who will develop the most appropriate formula. These oils can be used pure or diluted in a mixture of 20% fat in vegetable oil (calendula oil, apricot) or cocoa butter or shea butter.

Cream recipe against rosacea essential oils to yourself

5 g of beeswax

1 c. tablespoon of shea butter

1 c. tablespoons of cocoa butter

1 c. coffee vegetable glycerin

1 c. tablespoons of witch hazel

1 c. tablespoons of green tea infusion

2 c. tablespoons water elderberry

1 drop of helichrysum HE

1 drop of chamomile HE

2 drops of geranium HE

Melt the beeswax.

In another bowl, melt in the bath shea butter and cocoa, then add the beeswax.

Pour the witch hazel, green tea and elderberry water in glycerin, heat over low heat, then add to the previous preparation.

Incorporate essential oils, mix well and pour into small glass jars to seal.

Different surgical techniques used in case of rosacea

When rosacea has left visible scars and unsightly, especially in his accented form – rhinophyma, an exclusive remedy shall be possible surgery. Note that the interventions are carried out during the winter.

Laser surgery or pulsed lamps

Generally, this treatment requires between one to three sessions per affected area. These techniques have the advantage of leaving little scars. However they can cause bruising and temporary reddening. Namely, that the treatment is not permanent, if lesions recur, it will provide new sessions.


The superficial layer of the skin is rubbed with a rapidly rotating brush is abrasive action, very painful.


This technique aims to coagulate one at a blood vessel using a thin needle electro-cautery. This method involves the risk of skin depigmentation.