Our skin and especially our face is an important concern in aesthetics, because it participates to our appearance and in terms of his health, because it betrays our imbalances Close-up still life of a meyer lemon and honeyand can become a source of discomfort. To preserve the skin beautiful, healthy and comfortable as possible, it is essential to know and to care appropriately.

You present a short guide to better understand, protect, heal, and especially to stay “good about yourself”…


One of the great roles of cosmetic care is to moisturize the skin, or maintain hydration…

At first it is important to drink a lot and it regularly every day. However it is of course not recommended to drink alcohol too much because it could have devastating effects on your health and body. The alcohol will accelerate the aging of your skin.


Proper diet should be varied, balanced and healthy.

You should eat lot of fruits and vegetables and all the other important nutrients for vitamin and especially vitamin E and antioxidants. It is also not recommended to smoke because it is a formidable enemy for the skin and even your entire body. It promotes narrowing of blood vessels that helps to nourish the skin and renew cells.

Relaxation and Rest

It should also rest. Indeed, fatigue will heighten the features of your skin and will mark on your face. You must have a good sleep because your skin benefits from sleep to relax and unwind. Therefore your sleep will be more effective your skin will feel good. It is important for it to relax. In addition, if you have trouble sleeping or relaxing, do not hesitate to consult a doctor or to use some herbal products to help you.

Also pay attention to the stress! Too much stress can cause marks on your skin and your face. Marks that may, over time, become permanent.

Natural facial cleansers

Another thing that can seriously damage the skin is the pollution that your skin has to face every day. Harmful substances that are released into the air by factories or natural-face-masktransportation affect the skin, making it dull, dry and cause the premature appearance of wrinkles blackheads …,This is why a good cleanser can maintain and even improve the way your skin looks.

To make sure that your skin is not so affected by all the dirt and pollution that exists in the atmosphere, you must cleanse your face twice a day. Once in the evening to remove any dirt and dust that has been deposited on your skin during the day. « This is probably the most important anti-aging secrets », because it is effective and simple. The second time when you need to clean your face in the morning, you can wash any impurities that may have escaped you in the evening, but we also need to remove the sweat produced during the night and prepare your skin for a new day.

We advise you to use natural facial cleansers for that reason, because mostly of natural ingredients are free from any chemical or artificial substances that can damage and affect your skin. It is also preferable to avoid the soap to wash your face, because the soap unlike the accustomed idea dries your skin not to clean it, because it removes all the natural oils in your face produced during the night or day.

Natural facial cleansers are the best choice for skin care, they help somehow to heal your deep skin and help you to absorb all the fresh ingredients that maintain your natural oils, and to keep your face shiny and brilliant always.


The care is essentially objective, to protect and maintain skin hydration in day and night, to feed and help to regenerate.

Depending on the needs of your skin you can incorporate into your care different types of assets: moisturizers, anti-wrinkle, soothing…

But an important thing! It is forbidden to use daily care, because you must relieve your skin.